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Does Stress Make You More Resilient?

We typically think of stress as a bad thing. In reality, while ongoing stress or excessive demands can lead to burnout, some stress can actually be a motivator. For example, some people work better and more efficiently under the pressure of a short deadline.

The key is to balance times of stress with some recovery time and to recognize when it’s time to take a break.  Here are just a few ideas that you can put into action each day.

Active recovery: This might include taking a walk, going for a run, gardening or working out

Passive recovery: This category includes activities such as reading, watching a funny show, or listening to music

People time: Scheduling time with a friend or family member can really help you to feel renewed

Alone time: Relaxing or spending time alone to meditate is another great way to recharge

While stress can be an opportunity for personal growth, it’s important to listen to your body in order to maintain a healthy balance.  Try these various techniques and learn what works for you in a given moment. This way you will be refreshed and ready to face whatever may come your way.

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