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Does Stress Make You More Resilient?

We typically think of stress as a bad thing. In reality, while ongoing stress or excessive demands can lead to burnout, some stress can actually be a motivator. For example,...

3 Tips to Increase Your Personal Power

Your personal power is never fully developed. Like your body, it needs exercise. Not a couple of times a week but, conscious training several times a day. To develop habits...

How Are Your To-Do Lists Working for You?

Many people love to use to-do lists. There is something very satisfying about checking or crossing off an item when completed. It can also be used as a reference when...

Make Your Exercise Routines Less Routine

Everyone knows it is difficult to get into an exercise routine, and for the few who can accomplish that, it starts to become too routine. When that happens, it becomes...

Learn How to Make Mistakes

Are you afraid to make mistakes? If so, it could be holding you back in your success. When you make mistakes, you learn from them. That is what makes them...

Why Routine Is Good for You

You will hear people refer to routine as being dull or boring. It implies that life is the same from one day to the next. However, routines are a great...

Appreciate the Small Things Is the Key to Contentment

Many people believe that when you appreciate the small items in life, you are well on your way to being happy. But… what is happiness? Most emotions are transitional, meaning,...

Make a List of Everything You Are Grateful For

Why make a list of all I am grateful for?  We may forget the little things that we are grateful for in life however, if we have them in plain...

Appreciating Small Things and the Law of Attraction

Appreciation is clearly a positive action. When you appreciate something or someone, you are directing positive energy into the universe. That can only benefit you with positive energy coming back...

Being Appreciative Can Lower Your Stress

Did you know that if you have learned to truly appreciate the small items in your life, you are less likely to be stressed out? It makes sense when you...

Can Vision Boards Help You Believe in Yourself?

If you have never heard of a vision board before, it is simply a board that you can reference to accentuate some message about yourself or your goals. Even though...

Are Routines Good or Bad?

Routines are neither good nor bad. It all depends on the situation by which you apply them. If your routines are making you crazy, or in a rut, it may...