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The Daily Routine of a Successful Person

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Here is a list of actions common to successful people to support you in accomplishing your own personal development.

(1) Make the ‘Decision’ to be Successful – Success is a ‘Decision’! …

Success starts with a decision to be successful! It is not a journey or an end result. When you decide you want to achieve something, and mean it with your heart, the journey is what happens as a result of that decision. And, what a journey it is! …

(2) Recognize that Success is an ‘Inside’ Job

You must choose to make the necessary changes on the ‘inside’ or in your mind before you can achieve real changes and accomplish the success you hope. Our minds are like a big filing cabinet. Insert new positive files to empower yourself to get what you want. Be committed to your ongoing personal development.

(3) Set Goals

Write down your goals and hopes and review them daily. Divide those goals into specific action plans. Separate your action plans into action lists with small steps (at least 3 next steps). Purge the time wasters.

(4) Take Action!

Successful people know what they need to do to get what they want.  They waste no time taking action and doing it. Once you achieve that first goal you will be amazed how you feel. Make it simple, take the anxiety out of it, and just do it. Aim for progress, not perfection.

When you take that step things will start to line up.

(4) Make Smart Choices to Support Your Success

Ask yourself if this choice will help you achieve your goal. Successful people make choices that support accomplishing the end goal. The more good decisions you make, the more success you’ll have. 

(5) Overcome Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination begins in the mind.  Focus on one goal at a time but be sure to schedule that goal.  Have a date to aim for completion of that goal.  Make a decision before you begin that you will allow nothing short of an emergency to deter you from meeting that deadline. Be determined to achieve the goal in front of you.  

(6) See Opportunity 

Know that obstructions are often unrecognized opportunities.  Successful people know how to make their failings work for them. Embrace your failings or shortcomings and turn them into opportunities to tell others how you defeated them and triumphed – tell your story …

Karen Ferrante

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