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8 Secrets to an Amazing Life

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Do you really think that an amazing life just happens by chance? You will find it is necessary to devote your time, energy, and focus in an intentional manner. Distractions, less important goals, and a shortage of resources can interfere in your achieving and living an amazing life. The lack of a clear objective is the greatest obstacle. However, these challenges can be solved with a little effort.

Create an amazing life that’s meaningful and exciting to you:

1. Remove what is not necessary. You must get rid of anything that takes up time or space and does not provide a worthwhile result. If it is not important to you, do not include it in your life.

2. Decide on your priorities. You might not be able to do or be the best of everything. However, you can accomplish some very amazing things over the course of a lifetime.

  • Narrow your focus to a few priorities. What is the most important thing you want to accomplish or experience? Keep your list short.

3. Stock up on the necessities. Courage is a necessity! The higher the risk, the more courage is required. Of course, if you had plenty of money, time, energy, and support, you would require less courage to seek after that amazing life. So, start building reserves in the key areas of your life.

4. Remove the distractions from your life. Is it the television, the casual friend, or the goals that only passably interest you?

  • Warren Buffett often advises people to make a list of their top 10 priorities in order of importance. Next, he tells you to avoid numbers 4-10 like the plague. Those are the things that get in the way of accomplishing the top 3.

5. Deal with negative thoughts. Failing to deal with negative thoughts can cause major challenges down the road. Be committed to expecting the best, finding solutions, and staying positive. Negativity fuels procrastination and deflates your desire to press on.

6. Spend your time wisely. Avoid taking the easy path which is most likely the long way. Choose the shortest path to your amazing life. It may not be the most comfortable path, but you can handle it.

7. Get started. The first step is often the hardest. Avoid waiting for some future event to occur. You can do it today! Even if you have kids, a limited income, or limited knowledge, just be determined to get started.

8. It is not that difficult. There is not as much competition than you might think. Consider how much time the average person wastes at work and at home. The reason is that most people fail to prioritize their time. They do not set goals. They allow too many distractions.

  • The path is not nearly as difficult when you choose the direction of your life and eliminate distractions.

Is your life less than amazing? It doesn’t have to stay that way. Setting priorities and removing distractions are the keys to creating an amazing life. It is not too late! There is still time to live the life you have always dreamed of. However, it is important to get started today.

Karen Ferrante

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